What 99% Of Traders Don’t Know About Retail Trading (Watch Before You Trade)

  Former Goldman-Sachs trader Anton Kreil destroys the retail trading industry. In this 2 hour video he discusses the retail trading infrastructure, who benefits and why 95% of retail traders lose. This seminar is a must-watch piece of information for new and experienced retail traders. Interestingly Anton points out ways to spot charlatan trading educators from the real ones. He shows how they market themselves but he himself employs many of these same techniques. His marketing clearly shows the rich … Continued

6 Reasons Why You Should Hand Journal NADEX Trades

I think we can all agree its pretty important to track your trades in some way, right? In this post I am going to discuss why you should be hand journaling NADEX trades. I started this website with the goal of improving my accountability. So after a month of hitting it hard, I looked back over my performance. I only posted 4 days of actually trading with 3 others stuck in draft, I can’t even remember those trade details. I have been … Continued

A journey begins…

  Well here I am trying to learn to trade. I am not trying to be a millionaire I just want enough money to allow me the freedom to live my life on my own terms. My name is Dustin Donham aka Remote Joe and I will be a successful trader. I started learning a few months ago but I can see that more accountability is needed in order for me to be successful. This website focus is to chronicle … Continued