Trading Log

How I Turned A Profitable Day Into A Huge Loss

Today we will talk about an early trade on the DAX that I took while waiting for the Strudel Trade. This is “How I Turned A Profitable Day Into A Huge Loss” OVERTRADING! I made several mistakes today and we will address those . All in all I know I over traded today. I made good trade early on for a nice gain. I should have quit trading then. The next trade made a really stupid move and lost it all. Normally I would revenge trade … Continued

Binary Options Trading Log 7-13-15

Daily Binary Options Trading Log I keep my track of my trades on this daily binary options trading log. Let’s discuss them. We will look at my entries and exits and my decision making / thought process along the way. Usually I make two trades a day, the 7-9am DAX Strudel Trade and the 9-11am FTSE Brunch trade. I love trading these 2 trades because they are back to back time frames and the rules for each strategy are exactly the … Continued

Binary Options Trading Log 7-10-15

Daily Binary Options Trading Log Nothing really affecting my trades today news wise… As usual I started my day out by checking the days news on’s Economic Calendar. Its possible the FOMC speaker may have some effect on the FTSE trade but since its after 11AM I am not that worried about it also because its a UK Index Future. Still it may effect trading volume prior to the event. I prefer to trade during low volume as price moves more predictably.   … Continued

Binary Options Trading Log 7-06-15

7-9AM DAX “Strudel” Trade OK so I am a little behind in my daily binary options trading log. It has occurred to me that given the length of the trade times It would be much easier if I write these posts as the trade plays out than writing them later.  Also I have the added benefit of capturing my thoughts in the moment. Today’s first trade on the DAX was entered later than usual as I had a late start. Because … Continued

Binary Options Trading Log 6-30-15

Daily Binary Options Trading Log According to my daily trading plan, the day is supposed to start off with with the DAX “Strudel trade”. Today however, I accidentally opened the FTSE 100. I must not have been firing on all cylinders. I didn’t realize my error until I was already into the trade. (Note to self—PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS!!!!!) The rules for the strategy are dead simple Select the 7am-9am EST Nadex time period for the Germany 30 (DAX) Index. If the … Continued