A journey begins…


Well here I am trying to learn to trade. I am not trying to be a millionaire I just want enough money to allow me the freedom to live my life on my own terms. My name is Dustin Donham aka Remote Joe and I will be a successful trader. I started learning a few months ago but I can see that more accountability is needed in order for me to be successful.

This website focus is to chronicle my journey by means of a trading log, documentation of strategies, and trade analysis. My hope is to make myself more accountable for my own actions as a trader. What I love about trading is how it forces us to look at our short comings and overcome them.

A few areas I know I have trouble is focus and the another is discipline. Mastering trading will require that I get better in both areas. If you don’t set any goals, nothing will be achieved so here are mine.

My goals:

  • Log my Trades Daily (As I Trade)
  • Write a Post Discussing Each Trading Day
  • Share Strategies With Readers.
  • Show My P/L (Full Transparency).
  • Share Life Impact of Trading.

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On a personal note I hail from Austin, Texas. Once a great city until it was destroyed circa 2008 – 2014 A.D. by a collective army of Hipsters, Californians and destitute refugees from parts unknown. United under the banner of Clan Trendy, they laid siege to our city. Over the years as wave after relentless wave arrived, our great city was decimated by traffic, smog, expensive coffee, and even more expensive housing. When I am not trading or working on this website, you can catch me adventuring, throwing horseshoes or seeking out craft beer.
Austin, TX Yall

Dustin Donham

Webmaster / Trader / Marketing Guy at Forex Forge
Dustin is a humble student of the markets, traveler & all-around badass. When not trading he works with private clients to improve their online marketing efforts. Fo sho.

He enjoys outdoor activities, a perfect day for him would be a trek to remote waterfalls followed by a some whitewater paddling or a bike trail ride.

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